'Monument Valley' $1.99 Expansion Forgotten Shores Just Launched
The App Store operates at a blazing pace it seems, as it doesn’t feel like that long ago that Monument Valley [$3.99] was released. It then proceeded to win an Apple Design Award, and the developers teased the potential that there’d be more content on the way. That tease turned into an actual announcement, and as of a few moments ago, the expansion content is now available.

If you didn’t watch it the first time we posted it, here’s the video ustwo released that discusses all the cool things they’ve been up to on the quest of adding additional content to Monument Valley:

Forgotten Shores is available as an IAP expansion pack for $1.99. I haven’t finished it myself yet, but ustwo has said it’s essentially doubled the length of the game. Either way, Monument Valley was definitely a game that left us wanting more. I’m glad more has finally arrived.

Update: Here’s the new trailer-

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